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Order EP Raising My Standards

Fill in the form to order Raising My Standards vinyl, price $15. We will send the payment details when the EP is ready for shipment.


All of the proceeds goes to Care works around the globe to save lives, defeat poverty and achieve social justice.


& Other Stories sheds light on multidisciplinary
artist Sandra Andreis’ perspective in a fashion
story that features a new capsule collection. At the heart of this story lies Sandra’s updated interpretations of five classic songs, among them
“Lady is a Champ”, encouraging women to question
the norm and staying true to who they are.

For & Other Stories this autumn’s soundtrack is filled with updated versions of some of the most recognized and beloved songs, all courtesy of Sandra Andreis. By rewriting lines in classics such as “The Lady is a Tramp”, which also has gotten a new alternative title, she changes the context and aims to make them empowering for women of today.


Together, Sandra and & Other Stories
created a fashion story that revolves around her message and how to take something you love and make it your own.

About Sandra Andreis

Artist Sandra Andreis is more commonly known for her work as a Swedish actress in both film (Venice Film Festival award-winning The Reunion) and television (European hit series The Sandhamn Murders).


Music, however, has always played a parallel role to her acting career and she has frequently sung back-up with a variety of Swedish bands, as well as performed solo on various stages in Stockholm.

The release of her full debut EP Raising My Standards is a result of her collaboration with Swedish producer and songwriter Henrik Jonzon (Janice, Naomi Pilgrim, Miriam Bryant). The EP includes groundbreaking changes to some of the most beloved songs of our time.

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